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Compressed Air Solution

Intelligent Compressed Air Solution Made Easy


A name that guarantees top-grade technology in the compressed air sector. ALMiG has emerged from a company with a long tradition whose products in the compressed air industry have always stood for quality, innovation and consideration of its customers.

Today ALMiG is an extremely flexible company which can react fast to special customer requests. It stands by its customers as a competent partner, providing air solution and practical support.
It goes without saying that as one of the leading suppliers of advanced compressed air systems, ALMiG commitment to continuous research and development forms the basis for all the plants ALMiG manufacture.


ALMiG Oil-Free Air Compressors

Very high-quality, 100% oil-free air compressed air with DIN ISO 8573-1, Class 0, optimized for all requirement.

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ALMiG Oil-injected Air Compressors

As the leading systems provider in the compressed air technology sector, we take care to offer not only standard products but also customer-specific Individual solutions.

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Teseo Piping

Teseo piping systems are built respecting the safety requirements prescribed by several norms and are certified by different international laboratories.

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